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What's My House Worth and Getting a Home Valuation

Aug 4, 2022
How much is my house worth? We all like to think we're armchair property enthusiasts because we've watched a bit of Location, Location, Location and Homes Under The Hammer! But valuing......

The Types of Home / House Surveys

May 17, 2018
Buying a house is probably the single most expensive purchase of your life… so it’s worth getting right. Surveys are a way in which you can get qualified and accredited information about the......

The cost approach

Jul 22, 2011
The cost approach estimates the replacement value of property by analysing the costs of its components. It lies somewhere between the inferred and the intrinsic method, and is generally not......

The income approach

Jul 22, 2011
The Income Approach is also termed the “fundamental”, or “intrinsic method” of property valuation. In this method the present worth of property is estimated on the grounds of projected future net......

Building surveys

Aug 3, 2011
A Building Survey is a comprehensive inspection of a property and is suitable for all properties. Buyers who are seeking to purchase listed buildings, older properties, unusually constructed......

Joint ownership

Aug 3, 2011
Joint ownership, also known as co-ownership or shared ownership refers to a way of owning property which involves multiple owners. There is no limit to the number of people who may appear on the......

When was my house built and what does it mean? A comprehensive guide

Aug 3, 2011
Introduction Throughout history architectural styles have been constantly reacting to fashions. This is not only true for public buildings but also in domestic architecture. The constant......

New Build Homes and Houses - The Things To Take Into Account

May 17, 2018
  New build homes The UK government have targeted building 250,000 new home every year to keep up with the demand for new housing. And with incentives available for first time buyers,......