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Birmingham Calling: Building Your Future Together in a Vibrant City Centre Flat

Feb 22, 2024
Excited to take the next step together and purchase your first home? Birmingham offers a thriving city centre environment coupled with Mouseprice-approved affordability , making it an ideal......

Edinburgh's Feast on a Budget: Michelin Magic & Cosy Pubs from Your City Centre Flat

Feb 22, 2024
Calling all budget-conscious foodies and bargain hunters with discerning palates! Is your bank account singing the blues but your taste buds yearning for an upgrade? Don't worry, Edinburgh's here......

Unveiling Your Lake District Dream: Cottages Where Nature and Investment Harmony Bloom

Feb 20, 2024
Ever dream of waking up to panoramic vistas, stepping out onto miles of hiking trails, and sipping tea as birdsong fills the air? The Lake District offers this serenity, but nestled within its......

The Bristol Property Market: Your Guide to Buying a Home in the Vibrant City

Feb 13, 2024
Bristol, with its colourful streets, rich history, and thriving cultural scene, has become a magnet for homebuyers seeking a vibrant and welcoming environment. Whether you're a first-time buyer, a......

The Best Town to Live in the UK: A Myth or a Dream?

Feb 2, 2024
The quest for the "best" town to live in the UK is a perennial debate, fuelled by countless articles, surveys, and personal opinions. But what exactly makes a town "best"? Is it bustling city......

Will promotion to the Premier League boost local property prices?

Jan 25, 2023
Since the Premier League is the highest level of English football, research has shown that promotion to this league can have a big impact on local property prices. So, let’s give our......

The Top 10 Beach Towns With Coastal Living

Jan 25, 2023
Hasn't everyone dreamed of living by the sea? The fresh salty air, scenic views, and walks along the sand in coastal towns are like nothing else. Choosing the right coastal town to call home......

A Step-By-Step Guide To Finding Price Per Square Foot Or Price Per Square Metre

Jan 25, 2023
A Step-By-Step Guide To Finding Price Per Square Foot Or Price Per Square Metre You should know the price per square foot if you are looking to invest in real estate. One of the best ways to......

First Time Home Buyers Guide, Checklist and Essential Information

Aug 4, 2022
First Time Buyer Information Buying your first home is an exciting time. There's nothing quite like the feeling of getting something of your own that you can finally make your own mark on. In......

Moving Home Checklist - Things To Do When Moving House

Aug 4, 2022
Whether you're up-sizing, down-sizing, moving to a new job, or simply moving on, this guide will help you with the basics of getting on with your move. Getting started with your home move......

Property valuation for home buyers

Jun 29, 2011
Introduction If you are looking to buy a house, assessing the value of property is one of the central tasks you will have to perform. Home buyers need to decide whether the price of a property......

Affordable housing

Aug 3, 2011
Getting on the property ladder is difficult, as most first time buyers would undoubtedly tell you. To purchase a property, a buyer will typically need a substantial deposit, funds to cover......