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First Time Home Buyers Guide, Checklist and Essential Information

Aug 4, 2022
First Time Buyer Information Buying your first home is an exciting time. There's nothing quite like the feeling of getting something of your own that you can finally make your own mark on. In......

Moving Home Checklist - Things To Do When Moving House

Aug 4, 2022
Whether you're up-sizing, down-sizing, moving to a new job, or simply moving on, this guide will help you with the basics of getting on with your move. Getting started with your home move......

Property valuation for home buyers

Jun 29, 2011
Introduction If you are looking to buy a house, assessing the value of property is one of the central tasks you will have to perform. Home buyers need to decide whether the price of a property......

Affordable housing

Aug 3, 2011
Getting on the property ladder is difficult, as most first time buyers would undoubtedly tell you. To purchase a property, a buyer will typically need a substantial deposit, funds to cover......

Buy to let

Aug 3, 2011
A ‘Buy to Let’ purchase is when property investors or private individuals buy property with the specific intention of renting it out to tenants. Buy to Let has become increasingly popular over......

Buying a property abroad

Aug 3, 2011
Contributed by Adam Samuel who writes for the Foreign Investment Property Blog. Introducion and Podcasting Endless media attention on the subject of second homes abroad and property......

Buying an ex-local authority property

Aug 3, 2011
What is Local Authority Property? Local Authority Property is property that was built by Local Councils, to provide residents of the area with low rental, good quality housing. To apply for......

Buying and selling a property at auction

Aug 3, 2011
The Procedure Properties are usually to be found at auction because circumstances have necessitated a sale, rather than because the vendor has chosen this route. Therefore, speed of sale often......

Moving home

Aug 3, 2011
Moving to a new area Relocating can be an exciting fresh start, but that also means there is more to take into consideration and more research to do. Before viewing the Mouseprice To Do List,......

Property asking prices

Aug 3, 2011
What is an asking price? Each property is individual. For this reason individual properties do not have a fixed price, but the price of a property is dependent upon supply and demand. High......

The truth about being gazumped

Aug 3, 2011
What is 'gazumping'? After months and months of trawling the property websites, harassing and being harassed by estate agents, visiting properties that did not meet your requirements, visiting......

Property viewing tips

Aug 3, 2011
This brief article offers some useful advice on how to make the most out of house viewings. When you find a property that you are initially interested in, contact the seller or Estate Agent......