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County Valuations For Sale To Rent
Cheshire 778,136 valuations 5,706 for sale 968 to rent
Derbyshire 529,214 valuations 2,365 for sale 523 to rent
Devon 659,492 valuations 3,989 for sale 530 to rent
Essex 902,761 valuations 13,862 for sale 2,232 to rent
Greater London 3,628,629 valuations 59,649 for sale 35,018 to rent
Greater Manchester 570,493 valuations 3,922 for sale 1,913 to rent
Hampshire 932,007 valuations 5,094 for sale 1,587 to rent
Hertfordshire 595,069 valuations 11,219 for sale 2,785 to rent
Kent 1,156,606 valuations 16,072 for sale 2,803 to rent
Lancashire 1,366,273 valuations 9,703 for sale 1,646 to rent
Leicestershire 505,867 valuations 2,603 for sale 804 to rent
Lincolnshire 562,144 valuations 2,838 for sale 387 to rent
Merseyside 727,304 valuations 5,058 for sale 1,641 to rent
North Yorkshire 611,792 valuations 3,314 for sale 766 to rent
Nottinghamshire 563,950 valuations 2,786 for sale 843 to rent
South Yorkshire 690,378 valuations 3,235 for sale 936 to rent
Staffordshire 565,068 valuations 2,962 for sale 851 to rent
Surrey 960,436 valuations 17,322 for sale 4,833 to rent
Tyne and Wear 585,599 valuations 2,787 for sale 1,068 to rent
West Midlands 1,315,320 valuations 4,866 for sale 2,016 to rent
West Yorkshire 1,129,443 valuations 4,937 for sale 2,091 to rent
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