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Introducing the new Intelligent Property Search

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Since the initial release of Mouseprice Pro, we've been carefully listening to members feedback to understand how we can improve our premium residential research and reporting solution.
Pro members had an overwhelming need to identify individual off market properties with specific attributes to help them win new business and improve customer experience...

Plot boundaries and Satellite Imagery

Get a 360 degree view of a property and plot. When combined with our historic library of property imagery, this proves to be an invaluable tool when researching a home.

Search filters and flags

Whether you're an agent looking for a specific type of property your customer has asked for, a tradesman looking for homes to work on, or a buyer looking for the perfect home - our new search filters have something for you.

Full improvement history

Know if any work has been done on a property, and identify what type of work it was. An invaluable tool for finding up-to-date records which you can't find elsewhere.

Higher coverage and breadth of data than ever before

With hundreds of attributes available for every property in the UK, the sky is the limit with what you can learn with the Pro Intel Search.

Filtered search notifications

Automatically be notified weekly of properties which match your filters.

Mix-and-match from our vast selection of filters, including improvement potential, probate sale, beds, year built, and more.
Estate agents
wanted to target off market properties with attributes that precisely matched registered buyers wishlists for mailing campaigns. And properties most likely to come to market.
Surveyors wanted access to Mouseprice Pro condition, home improvement, floor and plot area data to identify the most directly comparable properties for their client surveys.
Home improvement companies wanted access to data on which local properties could benefit most from their new windows, boilers, solar panels, kitchens, bathrooms etc.
Property Investors wanted a lot! We think our potential yield data, flag that identifies properties with development potential, probate and underpriced property alerts, and suggested home improvements will be invaluable to these members.

As a result, the UKs most powerful on and off market property search was born - the Pro Intelligent Property Search with Filtered Search Notifications.

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We've got a lot more exciting updates in the works for you at the moment - including brand new Property Intelligence Reports, and updated Valuation and Comparables reports. Stay tuned!