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Frequently asked questions

Questions about our data

Why is my property information listed on Mouseprice?

Mouseprice aims to provide an individual page for every residential property in England, Wales and Scotland. On these pages we show the transaction history (where available from Land Registry), our automated valuation estimates, and other property type and characteristic data. Mouseprice is designed to bring greater transparency to the UK housing market.

Sometimes particular properties will come up at the top of Google searches, but this does not mean that we have singled out the property in any way – unfortunately we have no control over the order of Google’s search rankings.

What kind of online protection is in place for Mouseprice users?

Mouseprice’s connection is encrypted using AES_128_CBC, with SHA1 for message
authentication and RSA as the key exchange mechanism.
Our SSL certificates are provided by Go Daddy Secure Certification
Authority and signed using a 512 byte public Key.


How can I change email contact preferences?

You will be sent updates about any properties you’ve added to Track a property. Simply delete a property from the list to stop the updates.

Unsubscribe from our monthly area monitor newsletter by following the instructions in the email or deleting the postcode from Monitor an area.

Accounts settings contains a check box to set contact preference from selected third parties.

How current is the data?

Our primary data source is Land Registry’s price paid dataset. This is updated on a monthly basis by Land Registry – typically towards the end of every month.

Does Mouseprice cover the whole of the UK?

At present we cover England, Scotland and Wales.

How can I sign up to Mouseprice?

It’s really easy to register with us. All you need to do is provide an email address and password. Once you have submitted your details we will shortly send you an activation email. Click here to register.

What do I do if I have reached my usage limit?

To ensure the service is not abused, Mouseprice sets a monthly usage limit for the total number of searches and individual property views per user. You can find out your usage limit in Account settings.

If you have reached your usage limit you have a number of options:

  • Wait for the first day of the next month to begin using the service again.
  • If you are a free user you can upgrade to Mouseprice Premium– which among many other benefits – provides an increased usage limit.

Where does the historic sales information come from?

The dataset is supplied directly to us from HM Land Registry. Land Registry is the official repository of house price information in England & Wales. Land Registry remains the copyright holders and licensors of the entire dataset.

Can you remove my property transaction?

Land Registry remains the copyright holders and licensors of the entire price paid dataset. We are not authorised to make any alterations.

Why is a property transaction not listed?

If you cannot find a specific property transaction, the most probable reason is that you are searching with an incorrect postcode. If you have searched thoroughly by postcode and by address and have not found the transaction you are looking for, there are three possible reasons for it not being listed. Firstly, that the transaction took place recently and has not yet been processed by Land Registry. In this case the details will be available shortly. The recording process normally takes a couple of months. In rare instances (and cases of dispute) this process can last for much longer. A second possible reason is that the property might not be recorded in the Land Registry electronic dataset. This can be the case if a property has not been bought or sold since 1995. The final possible explanation is that through error, the Land Registry may not have added the details to their database.

What if the data is incorrect?

Although our data is taken from authoritative sources, discrepancies can sometimes occur. To improve the quality of our data, you can edit details on the specific property page, including the number of bedrooms the property has, its internal area and the type of property it is. You must be logged in to make these changes. Once you are logged in, and you are on the individual property page in question, simply click on ‘give feedback’ and this will allow you to put forward your amendments.

Land Registry provides us with information on historical property transaction prices, dates and property type. Land Registry do not provide information on other property characteristic information. If there is an error with Land Registry data, unfortunately we are not authorised to make any alterations. Land Registry obtain their records from the various forms completed with the sale of each residential property in England & Wales. Land Registry employ extensive error checking procedures, however, with ~100k records handled monthly there is a small possibility of human error. If you think that any of their information is incorrect, please click here to notify Land Registry. Please note that Land Registry remains the copyright holder and licensor of the entire dataset – we cannot make alterations to the data unless directed by the government agency directly.

How can I get price paid information prior to 1995?

We do not hold price paid information on property transactions that took place prior to 1995.

What if I disagree with the free valuation estimate provided for my property?

The valuation estimate, provided for every property in England and Wales and for some properties in Scotland, is calculated with a statistical model that reflects information on local market activity. Sometimes this will be different from the market value, but we make every effort to make the model as accurate as possible. The valuation should be seen as a starting point – it is not a professional valuation. You should always check with a property professional before making a financial decision.

The valuation estimates are updated monthly, as more information becomes available. Therefore the accuracy of the valuation estimates should improve over time. Unfortunately we cannot manually alter individual valuation estimates.

Additionally, registered users can now submit their own valuation estimates to the website. To do this, click the ‘give feedback’ link which appears next to the current valuation estimate on your property’s information page. Then, the next time the valuations are updated – subject to quality control checks – this estimate will be taken into consideration. Nb. After you have submitted your feedback it will take approximately 2 months before the system is updated.

Does Mouseprice cover commercial property?

At present we only cover residential property.

Can you tell me who owns a particular property?

No, we do not disclose any details on any particular individual.

That information can be obtained from HM Land Registry

Are all residential properties included?

Only residential property transactions that have occurred at ‘full market value’ are included in the database. Not included are any property sales where the price is below market value due to shared ownership agreements or purchases under the government’s ‘right-to-buy’ scheme.

Questions about Mouseprice Pro

What kind of information is available on Mouseprice Pro?

The Mouseprice Pro property database is one of the UK’s richest sources of residential property information. The database contains information from approximately 90 million photos, 20 million sold price records, 18 million estate agency listings, 2 million surveyor records, 2 million EPC certificates and 3 million floor plans. The data comes from a variety of sources including Land Registry, Registers of Scotland, surveyors and estate agents.

Which tools can I access on Mouseprice Pro?

As a Pro subscriber you will have access to:

-Individual property search
-Comps search (list)
-Comps search (photo)
-Comps search rental
-Fly-by search
-Assisted valuation report

Nb. The PDF valuation report is not included in the standard Pro subscription. It can, however, be purchased on a report by report basis.

If you are a company and would like to discuss large scale use of our valuation report, AVM webservices or using both Pro and the AVM facility please contact us.

How can I subscribe to the Mouseprice Pro account?

You can subscribe to our Pro service by paying online using a credit card. You can pay to upgrade for just a single month or as a monthly recurring subscription. Please go to your Account settings page and follow the upgrade links from there. If you would like to discuss a 12 month subscription please contact us.

What are usage limits and how are they set?

Accounts have usage limits in place to reduce the chances of individuals or companies abusing the service (e.g. multiple users or those involved in data scraping). We have worked hard to ensure that these limits are both fair and large enough to meet the needs of a normal individual Pro user.

NB: The reason why the Fly-by search limit is capped at 20 is as a result of the licensing costs from our external suppliers.

The usage limits (per month) are as follows:

Basic (free) account:

  • Views: 40
  • Searches: 80
  • Fly-by searches: 1
  • Assisted valuation reports: 1

Pro account:

  • Views: 350
  • Searches: 450
  • Fly-by searches: 15
  • Assisted valuation reports: 20

NB: The usage limits are re-set on the 1st of each month.

In the interests of transparency, below is a set of definitions for each of the above usage terms.

Views – The definition of what constitutes a View include:

  • Clicking on an individual property page.
  • Clicking on a historic listings page.
  • On the Fly- by search- whenever a user clicks on an individual building outline AND clicks on the blue hyperlink in the left hand side of the page.

Searches – The definition of what constitutes a Search include:

  • Typing in an address or partial address into a search box and clicking on ‘Search.’
  • Any instance where a search filter is selected (each individual filter selection counts as one search).
  • Any subsequent search results page that is clicked on by a user after an initial search using an address or partial address is carried out.

As a result of these three definitions and in the interests of fairness, we have set the search limit at a high level.

Fly-by searches– The definition of what constitutes a Fly-by is:

  • Every time a user enters the address details of a property in the Fly-by search and clicks ‘Search.’

Assisted valuation reports – The definition of what constitutes an Assisted valuation report is:

  • Whenever a user goes through the whole process of selecting comparables and clicks on ‘Generate report’ in the Assisted valuation section, this counts as one report.




What is the Individual property search tool?

This tool is used to find data on a specific property. Simply enter a full or partial address, e.g. “3 WR5 1LA” or “Clematis cottage, WR14” and we will return a list of addresses that match your inputs. You can then click on the property address to see the entry for that property in our database.

What is the Comps search tool?

This tool is used to find the most comparable properties to the home you are looking to value. Simply enter a full postcode together with appropriate filters (e.g. Flats with 2 bedrooms) and we will return a list of comparable properties. You can then shortlist your results, save them into a spreadsheet, have them emailed to you or use them to produce an assisted valuation report.

The difference between the two types of Comps search is that the list view presents search results with data such as property type, price paid (complete with data), bedrooms numbers and worth (where available). The Comps search (photo) on the other hand shows results which include a thumbnail image of each property, tax band information, floor area, listings and sold price history, and year build (the availability of this data varies).

What is the Comps search rental?

This tool is used to gain a greater insight into the rental value of your target property/properties in your target area. Users are able to search through the breadth of our lettings listing data to identify comparables.

Simply enter a full or partial postcode, together with the appropriate filters (e.g. 2 bedroom Flats within my specified postcode) and we will return a list of comparable properties. You can then shortlist the results, have them emailed over to you, save into a spreadsheet, or produce an Assisted valuation report.

What is the Fly-by search tool?

This tool is used to see an aerial map of a location, overlaid with the property outlines of residential buildings. You can then click on the outlines of individual buildings to see their exact address and view the available data.

What is the Assisted valuation?

The Assisted valuation is a tool for producing a personalised PDF valuation report, by allowing you to:
• Choose your own comparable properties that will inform the valuation
• Add your own company logo and colour scheme
• Add your own comments

How can I get the best quality image when uploading my company logo for Pro reports?

When uploading your company logo, we recommend that you use either a JPEG, PNG or GIF file. All images are scaled down to meet our dimension size requirements of 400 (wide) x 55 (long). To ensure your image isn’t stretched, and thus, poor quality in appearance, please use an image similar to or exact in size to these dimensions.

Are Automated Valuation Model reports available in the Pro subscription?

The AVM (Automated Valuation Model) reports are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. These are not included in the Mouseprice Pro monthly subscription

Can I get a refund?

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction we offer a full 90 day refund. We are confident in the quality of our statistical products, however if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase please let us know. We normally respond to all queries within six hours between Monday and Friday, 9am to 5pm.

This money back guarantee applies to both sales of subscriptions and automated valuation reports.

Questions about the PDF valuation report we sell

How can I get the best quality image when uploading my company logo for Pro reports?

When uploading your company logo, we recommend that you use either a JPEG, PNG or GIF file. All images are scaled down to meet our dimension size requirements of 400 (wide) x 55 (long). To ensure your image isn’t stretched, and thus, poor quality in appearance, please use an image similar to or exact in size to these dimensions.

What does the detailed valuation report contain?

The report is a 22-page PDF document sent to you via email immediately after purchase. The report includes a current valuation estimate, data on comparable property sales, and comprehensive local property market statistics. Click here to view a sample report.

How accurate are the detailed valuation estimates?

The accuracy of the valuation estimate differs between properties depending on a variety of factors. If the property is fairly typical of nearby properties, accuracy will generally be improved. However even large and unusual properties can be valued if they have been bought or sold since 1995. The valuation estimate assumes that the remaining lease on leasehold properties is long enough not to have a material effect on valuation.

All our valuation estimates are calculated independently and are not influenced by the interests of house sellers, buyers or estate agents. No buying or selling decision should be based purely on the back of an automated valuation. Persons seeking to place reliance on any information we provide do so at their own risk. No representation is made as to the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any information provided. The report is not a professional survey. We recommended that individuals seek appropriate professional advice before making any purchasing or selling decisions. For a full physical inspection and property valuation contact a chartered surveyor.

What else can the report tell me?

In addition to the property valuation estimate, the report contains a wealth of property market information and statistics useful for any home buyer, house seller, estate agent or chartered surveyor. These include:

>Data on comparable properties of similar value.
>Data on comparable properties of a similar type & with a similar number of bedrooms.
>Listings of recent residential property sales transactions in the area (HM Land Registry data)
>An Ordnance Survey map of the property
>A valuation estimate for English council tax purposes
>A comprehensive local market overview: average prices, local property currently on the market, sales to asking price ratios, street rankings, affordability indicators, average property selling times, demographic breakdowns, local house price index, regional asking price index, property price heat map, housing stock composition, general street information and market liquidity measures.

How are the detailed property valuation estimates calculated?

Property valuation estimates are calculated using Landmark Analytics’ InstantValue™ Automated Valuation System. No physical inspection of the property occurs, rather valuation estimates are derived from a computerised statistical model based upon data inputs provided by the customer, historical price movements and comparable properties. The same statistical technology is used by mortgage lenders and banks when they do not wish to perform a full physical inspection.

Is it possible to buy detailed valuation reports over the phone?

Reports can only be sold as PDF files via our website using a credit or debit card. We do not take orders over the telephone.

Can I get a refund?

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction we offer a full 90 day refund. We are confident in the quality of our statistical products, however if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase please let us know. We normally respond to all queries within six hours between Monday and Friday, 9am to 5pm.

This money back guarantee applies to both sales of subscriptions and automated valuation reports.

What if I can’t open the report?

To open the report you need to have Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer. Adobe® Reader® is free software for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. It is most likely that you have this installed on your computer already. If not, you can install it free of charge by following these instructions:
1. Click this link to access the adobe site:
2. To download the standard version of Adobe Reader, click the red “Download” button.
3. Adobe Reader will then download automatically.

How long should it take to receive the report?

Your report should appear in your inbox within a few minutes of purchase. If you do not receive your report within 1 hour please contact us and we will try to identify the problem. Please make sure you have checked your junk mail prior to contacting us.

Another way to access our report is via your ‘AVM valuation complete’ page which you will see once you have successfully purchased the AVM. At the bottom left hand corner of the page it says ‘To view the report online please click here.’ Once you click on the blue link, you will be able to access the report online.

What if I encounter a problem while purchasing?

If you encounter a problem after submitting your credit card details, assume the transaction has been successfully completed. If you do not receive your report within 1 hour, contact us and we will be able to tell you if you have been charged. If you have been charged, we can arrange for your report to be resent immediately.

What if I get an unlikely valuation result?

There are a variety of reasons why the valuation estimate might not meet your expectations:

>Firstly, the accuracy of the automated valuation model is limited by the inputs provided. If the inputs are incorrect the outputs will be adversely affected.

>Secondly, it is important to recognise the inherent accuracy limitations in computer generated valuations. There is no physical inspection of the property and invariably factors affecting valuation will not be fully accounted for. Inaccurate estimations are unfortunately an inevitable feature of the service.

>Thirdly, valuing a property is not an exact science. The value of a property differs between individual buyers and sellers. Even after physical inspection, it is widely recognised that property professionals estimating the open market value of a property typically demonstrate a 10% standard deviation of percentage error.

What if my report does not arrive?

If you do not receive your report, the first place to check is your junk mail folder. Often mail from an unknown sender will automatically be redirected here. If you still can’t find the report – please contact us.

What if the wrong report arrives?

Our systems are automatic, so you will be sent results for the address you provided. If, however, you do experience a problem please don’t hesitate to contact us.
and we will aim to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

I do not want to disclose my e-mail address. Is their any other way I can receive the report?

Payment for the report must be made electronically, and the report must be emailed. We do not offer reports as hard copies. However, we promise not to pass on your details to anyone else, so you won’t get any spam as a result of giving us your address. Your details will stay completely private.

I need a receipt for VAT purposes. How can I get this?

When you receive your report it will arrive as a PDF file attached to a confirmation e-mail. This confirmation email is your receipt.

Questions about registration and logging in

Why do I need to register?

We ask people to register for our website because it adds a layer of protection to the information we provide. Some of the pages on Mouseprice allow people to add information to the site. Including logins means that we can limit the impact of any information which may be inaccurate or maliciously added.

I cannot log into my account. What is wrong?

When you set up your account, you will have received an email with a link which must be clicked on to activate the account. This is a security measure to ensure that your email address was entered correctly.
It’s most likely that you haven’t activated your account fully. Please check your email for your registration email and follow the instructions contained within it.

I cannot find the registration email. Where is it?

Some email accounts will not recognise the Mouseprice email address and will put emails from us in your spam or junk mail folders. Please check these folders. If you still cannot find the email, then please contact us.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, we can email it out to you. Please click “have you forgotten your password” on the login page and enter the email address with which you registered to have it resent.

Information for sellers and owners

What can Mouseprice do for me?

Mouseprice can help get more viewings for your home. If you’re selling up or renting out and your home isn’t listed on Mouseprice, ask your agent to contact us to make sure it is. Mouseprice is used by thousands of people every day – the more offers you get on your property, the higher the price you’re likely to receive. And adding your property to Mouseprice won’t cost you or your estate agent anything at all.

Help build a positive picture of your area. Our local area guides are there to help new residents find their way around and to showcase an area to people who are thinking of moving there. Again, you and your agent can contribute to this. And of course, it’s free!

Free monthly updates specific to your area. Whether you’re thinking of moving or just keeping an eye on the market, we’ll email you to tell you about properties recently sold, properties coming on the market, properties which have seen discounts to their asking prices and much more. All for free!

And of course – free valuations – to help you track what your home is worth.

How much does it cost?

Almost all of our services are free. The only thing we’ll ask you to pay for are the detailed valuation reports for individual properties.