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What property can you get for £200,000?

What’s good news for some is bad news for others. While young Brits struggle to save up the money for a deposit due to rising house prices, property owners and investors are in a prime position due to a shortage…

What impact would Brexit have on the UK property market?

What seemed to be a remote possibility at the beginning of 2015 – Britain leaving the European Union, or ‘Brexit’ – now has a very real chance of happening.

A guide to buying a property at auction

Buying a house is always an exciting process, but usually the sale takes months to go through. When you purchase a property at auction, it’s yours as soon as you hear the bang of the gavel – what could be…

Selling your home: Is it still all about location, location, location?

The phrase ‘location, location, location’ was coined by Harold Samuel to describe the three most important factors homebuyers look for in a new property. Apparently, it first appeared in print some 90 years ago and while, of course, the property…

It’s all go for Mouseprice Pro!

It’s something that has been on the ‘to-do’ list here at Mouseprice for a little while, but finally we have re-branded Calnea Pro to Mouseprice Pro.