32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford
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32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford

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Property Description

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Welcome to 32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford, a cozy and compact detached type home with in the TN23 3LN area. This lovely residence, which comes with the freedom and stability of a freehold ownership, and sits comfortably in tax band .

This classic property was built The local area is known for its high value-to-quality ratio - with a market valuation of £130,000 and a rental potential of £845 per month, , it represents not just a residence but a worthwhile investment in a sought-after area.

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Property Data

Data point Compared to road
465 sqm plot

Estimated running costs

Running cost(monthly) Cost Opportunity
Mortgage £592 Try Mortgage Tracker
Energy ££600 Try Energy Switcher
Water £50 Water meter checkup
Broadband £30 Find better offers
Home insurance £13 Explore insurance

Schools and stations

Nearby Schools
Chilmington Green Primary School
St Simon of England Roman Catholic Primary School Ashford
Ashford Oaks Community Primary School
Goldwyn Sixth Form College
Victoria Road Primary School
Nearby Stations
Ashford International Station
Wye Station
Ham Street Station
Pluckley Station
Charing Station

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Air Conditioning
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Cost improvements

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Strength: High plot size
A large plot with plenty of room
Strength: Freehold ownership
This property has the support and stability of full freehold ownership.
Strength: Good price per square metres
The most similar local properties have a comparable price per square metre.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How much is 32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford worth?

    32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford is now worth £130,000 according to our Mouseprice AVM.

    If you would like to book a free agent valuation for 32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford - click click here to get a valuation with no strings attached.

  2. What is the rental value of 32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford?

    The current rental valuation for this property is £845 per month, within a price range of £761 and £930.

  3. How many bedrooms does 32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford have?

    This property has bedrooms. Search for nearby properties with bedrooms - for sale and to rent.

  4. What are the nearest schools and stations to 32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford?

    Nearby schools in include Chilmington Green Primary School, St Simon of England Roman Catholic Primary School Ashford, Ashford Oaks Community Primary School, Goldwyn Sixth Form College, Victoria Road Primary School

    Nearby stations in include Ashford International Station, Wye Station, Ham Street Station, Pluckley Station, Charing Station.

  5. What type of property is 32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford

    This is a Detached property. There are 19 other Detached properties on BRIDLEWAY LANE, and 32 in total.

  6. When was 32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford built? How old is 32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford?

    32 Bridleway Lane, Ashford was was built between .



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