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In total, Land Registry recorded 95 transactions over the past year in Green Leach, Merseyside. Of these, 9 were detached properties, 52 were semi-detached properties, 33 were terraced houses and only one was a flat.

On 23/11/2018 2 Mulvanney Crescent sold for £150,000. This property was the most recent to sell in Green Leach, Merseyside.

The most expensive property to sell over the last year in Green Leach, Merseyside was 71 Moss Bank Road. It sold on 08/02/2018 for £350,000.

62 Cowley Street was the least expensive property to be sold in the Green Leach, Merseyside area in the past twelve months. It sold for £40,000 on 19/01/2018.