Properties to rent in Shifnal TF11

There is 1 property listed to rent on in Shifnal TF11. If you would like to widen your search, there are 23 properties to rent in the whole Telford area.

Recently added Telford TF properties
"Turnstone Drive, Leegomery, Telford, TF1" is Mouseprice’s most recently added ‘to rent’ listing in the Telford TF area. It is a semi-detached house with 3 bedrooms, which was added to on 18/05/2019.

Most Expensive Telford TF property
The most expensive property to rent in the Telford TF area is currently "Moreton, Newport, TF10", with a current rental price of £1,100 per month. It was first listed on 09/05/2018 for £1,000 per month and subsequently the price has been increased.

Cheapest Telford TF property
The property with the lowest rental price in the Telford TF area at the moment is "First Avenue, Ketley Bank, Telford, TF2", with a rental price of £375 per month. It was first listed on 11/05/2019 and there have not been any reductions to the price since then.

Property in Telford TF with reduced asking prices
The Telford TF area currently contains 1 property which has reduced its rental price. This property is "Midland Court, Stanier Drive, TF7", which was first marketed for £450 per month, but has since been reduced to £425.

Telford TF property market data
The average number of days that properties in the Telford TF area stay on the market is 450.

Oldest listing in Telford TF
The property which has been for rent on the Mouseprice website for the longest period of time is "Captain Webb Drive, Dawley, TF4", which was listed for rent on 22/01/2013.