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County Valuations
Aberdeenshire 270,651 valuations
Anglesey 41,623 valuations
Angus 70,922 valuations
Argyll and Bute 59,044 valuations
Bath and North East Somerset 26,419 valuations
Bedfordshire 316,350 valuations
Berkshire 441,469 valuations
Blaenau Gwent 35,359 valuations
Buckinghamshire 397,136 valuations
Caerphilly 87,598 valuations
Cambridgeshire 429,965 valuations
Carmarthenshire 99,420 valuations
Ceredigion 45,950 valuations
Channel Islands 83,480 valuations
Cheshire 778,136 valuations
City of Bristol 233,688 valuations
City of Dundee 77,365 valuations
City of Edinburgh 285,283 valuations
City of Glasgow 364,546 valuations
Clackmannanshire 26,661 valuations
Conwy 68,080 valuations
Cornwall 327,730 valuations
County Antrim 319,814 valuations
County Armagh 79,352 valuations
County Down 262,721 valuations
County Fermanagh 30,748 valuations
County Londonderry 114,213 valuations
County Tyrone 84,233 valuations
Cumbria 281,015 valuations
Denbighshire 52,114 valuations
Derbyshire 529,214 valuations
Devon 659,492 valuations
Dorset 426,459 valuations
Dumfries and Galloway 86,103 valuations
Durham 436,239 valuations
East Ayrshire 64,189 valuations
East Lothian 55,285 valuations
East Riding of Yorkshire 312,195 valuations
East Sussex 450,391 valuations
Essex 902,761 valuations
Falkirk 81,444 valuations
Fife 197,764 valuations
Flintshire 77,645 valuations
Gloucestershire 475,938 valuations
Greater London 3,628,629 valuations
Greater Manchester 570,493 valuations
Gwynedd 77,759 valuations
Hampshire 932,007 valuations
Herefordshire 99,833 valuations
Hertfordshire 595,069 valuations
Highland 141,761 valuations
Inverclyde 42,425 valuations
Isle of Man 46,884 valuations
Isle of Wight 84,576 valuations
Kent 1,156,606 valuations
Lancashire 1,366,273 valuations
Leicestershire 505,867 valuations
Lincolnshire 562,144 valuations
Merseyside 727,304 valuations
Mid Glamorgan 219,457 valuations
Midlothian 45,770 valuations
Monmouthshire 49,033 valuations
Moray 52,552 valuations
Newport 75,888 valuations
Norfolk 493,341 valuations
North Ayrshire 75,199 valuations
North Lanarkshire 167,579 valuations
North Yorkshire 611,792 valuations
Northamptonshire 379,371 valuations
Northumberland 175,429 valuations
Nottinghamshire 563,950 valuations
Orkney Islands 13,404 valuations
Oxfordshire 344,900 valuations
Pembrokeshire 72,196 valuations
Perth and Kinross 82,885 valuations
Powys 76,260 valuations
Renfrewshire 98,042 valuations
Rutland 18,597 valuations
Scottish Borders 68,577 valuations
Shetland Islands 13,270 valuations
Shropshire 260,633 valuations
Somerset 480,218 valuations
South Ayrshire 61,647 valuations
South Glamorgan 213,714 valuations
South Lanarkshire 166,633 valuations
South Yorkshire 690,378 valuations
Staffordshire 565,068 valuations
Stirling 47,303 valuations
Suffolk 395,316 valuations
Surrey 960,436 valuations
Torfaen 46,079 valuations
Tyne and Wear 585,599 valuations
Vale of Glamorgan 32,474 valuations
Warwickshire 296,866 valuations
West Dunbartonshire 49,798 valuations
West Glamorgan 198,370 valuations
West Lothian 89,097 valuations
West Midlands 1,315,320 valuations
West Sussex 451,055 valuations
West Yorkshire 1,129,443 valuations
Western Isles 18,569 valuations
Wiltshire 360,312 valuations
Worcestershire 303,446 valuations
Wrexham 72,747 valuations