Alison Drive, Camberley, Surrey summary

The bottom dots represent local averages. Period is 5 years.

1 sold £920,000 avg price £4,093 avg psqm

Camberley market summary

  • Value
    The average price in Camberley is currently £403,950. That's 42.0% higher than the national average of £284,464.
  • PSQM
    The average price per square metre is currently £4,241, which is 54.4% higher than the national average of £2,747.
  • Turnover
    The yearly sales turnover in Camberley is 884 - which is lower than the national average, and represents 3.2% of the local housing stock of 27,329

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Frequently asked questions about Alison Drive

What is the most common property type in Alison Drive?

The type distribution in Alison Drive is as follows:

Detached: 15
Terraced: None
Semi-Detached: None
Flats: None

What is the most expensive sale made on Alison Drive?

The most expensive sale recorded is 14 Alison Drive, Camberley which sold for £920,000 on Sep 22, 2020. The property is in tax band G. The property has a price per square metre of £3,140 psqm, which is -35% lower than the area average.