Sold prices in ME10 1QP

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ME10 1QP summary

The bottom dots represent local averages. Period is 5 years.

10 sold £2,763 avg psqm

ME10 market summary

  • Value
    The average price in ME10 is currently £285,145. That's 0.2% higher than the national average of £284,464.
  • PSQM
    The average price per square metre is currently £2,976, which is 8.3% higher than the national average of £2,747.
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Frequently asked questions about ME10 1QP

What is the most common property type in ME10 1QP?

The type distribution in ME10 1QP is as follows:

Detached: 9
Terraced: 1
Semi-Detached: 1
Flats: None

What is the most expensive sale made on ME10 1QP?

The most expensive sale recorded is 3 Gore Court Road, Sittingbourne which sold for £425,000 on Nov 16, 2018. The property is in tax band F. The property has a price per square metre of £2,815 psqm, which is -6% lower than the area average.