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586 roads found in Hornchurch, London.
Abbs Cross Gardens
Abbs Cross Lane
Acacia Avenue
Acre View
Adelphi Crescent
Aerodrome Close
Albany Road
Aldergrove Walk
Aldwych Close
Allandale Road
Allenby Drive
Alma Avenue
Ambleside Avenue
Apollo Close
Appleton Way
Arbour Way
Ardleigh Close
Ardleigh Green Road
Artesian Close
Ascot Gardens
Ashby Close
Ashlyn Grove
Astra Close
Astwood Close
Austral Drive
Ayloffs Close
Ayloffs Walk
Babington Road
Balmoral Road
Bancroft Chase
Barleycorn Way
Barton Road
Basi Close
Bedford Gardens
Beech Close
Bellevue Road
Belmont Road
Benets Road
Benhurst Avenue
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1 localities found in Hornchurch, London.
Elm Park


2 districts found in Hornchurch, London.

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Crime level is average

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Latest sales in Hornchurch, London

  1. 1. 31 Trustons Gardens, Hornchurch £300,000 on May 17, 2022
  2. 2. 9 Central Drive, Hornchurch £535,000 on May 13, 2022
  3. 3. 17 Owlets Hall Close, Hornchurch £440,000 on May 9, 2022
  4. 4. 9 Arbour Way, Hornchurch £470,000 on May 6, 2022
  5. 5. 102 Eyhurst Avenue, Hornchurch £540,000 on May 6, 2022

Most expensive recent sales in Hornchurch, London

  1. 1. 2 Astwood Close, Hornchurch £2,300,000 on Mar 18, 2022
  2. 2. 55 Westmoreland Avenue, Hornchurch £1,875,000 on Mar 21, 2022
  3. 3. 3 Russetts, Hornchurch £1,575,000 on Feb 24, 2022
  4. 4. 29 Nelmes Crescent, Hornchurch £1,200,000 on Mar 11, 2022
  5. 5. 24 Nelmes Crescent, Hornchurch £1,125,000 on Feb 21, 2022

Frequently asked questions about Hornchurch, London

What is the average price in Hornchurch, London?

The average price in Hornchurch, London is currently £470,034. That's 42% higher than the national average of £273,762. Mouseprice is currently listing properties for sale in Hornchurch, London.

What are the most expensive streets in Hornchurch, London?

The most expensive roads in Hornchurch, London are Woodlands Avenue, Walden Road, which are priced at £1,395,000, £780,000, respectively.

What are the cheapest streets in Hornchurch, London?

The cheapest roads in Rayleigh are Tadworth Parade, Fentiman Way, Grenfell Avenue, Astra Close, Eyhurst Avenue, which are priced at £245,000, £250,000, £208,000, £292,500, £195,000, respectively.

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How much does it cost to move home?

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