Price paid Date Postcode Type
, BOWLING £295,000
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Nov 16, 2015 G60 5AD Flats / maisonettes
£23,500 Dec 2, 2019 G60 5AD Flats/maisonettes
£249,000 Nov 11, 2019 G60 5AD Flats/maisonettes
£677,500 Sep 11, 2013 G60 5AD Flats/maisonettes
£450,000 Feb 15, 2012 G60 5AD Flats/maisonettes
£350,350 Aug 4, 2005 G60 5AD Flats/maisonettes
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Oct 29, 2013 G60 5BL Flats / maisonettes
£72,000 Jul 27, 2015 G60 5BL Flats/maisonettes
£92,500 Mar 23, 2007 G60 5BL Flats/maisonettes
£88,000 Dec 5, 2005 G60 5BL Flats/maisonettes
£77,655 Nov 14, 2003 G60 5BL Flats/maisonettes
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Aug 10, 2007 G60 5BL Flats / maisonettes
£89,100 Aug 18, 2004 G60 5BL Flats/maisonettes
£67,125 Jun 12, 2003 G60 5BL Flats/maisonettes
£57,500 May 9, 2002 G60 5BL Flats/maisonettes
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