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W9 area guide

Postcode district: W9


To the north, W9 includes Ladbroke Grove (the grid north of Walterton Road). The boundary then moves northeast up Kilburn Park Road. The eastern boundary of W9 is Maida Vale. The southern boundary is then bordered by the Grand Union Canal. It includes the tube stations of Maida Vale, Westbourne Park and Warwick Avenue. The W9 postcode district lies within or includes part of the following towns, counties, localities, electoral wards and stations: Abbey Road, Brent, City Of Westminster, Golborne, Harrow Road, Kilburn, Little Venice, London, Maida Vale, Maida Vale Station, Queens Park, Queen’s Park, Regent’s Park, Warwick Avenue Station and Westbourne.


The term ‘Maida Vale’ came about following the opening of a pub known as The Hero of Maida, on the Edgware Road. ‘Maida’ refers to an area in Italy, where the British won a battle against the French in 1806. The canals that the area is famous for were completed in the early 19th century. Lord Byron is known to have compared the area to Venice, and today it is known as ‘Little Venice’. This nickname came into popular usage following the Second World War.Maida Vale was a Jewish area during the late 19th century. It developed heavily during the Edwardian period, as can be seen by its domestic architecture. One notable local resident was Alan Turing, the man often described as the father of Computer Science. He was born in Warrington Crescent on 23 June 1912. Today, the building is a hotel, and a blue plaque marks his link to the area.In 1915, Maida Vale Tube Station was unveiled. It ran, as it still does today, on the Bakerloo Line.


The area around Maida Vale is extremely affluent, comprising predominantly attractive substantial Edwardian homes.A complete house with four bedrooms in the area would demand an asking price of around £2.6 million. However, for those looking to buy a house in the area, the real challenge is finding one that has not been converted into flats. Properties on Elgin Mews South are generally undeveloped, and a three bedroom house here is likely to cost around £1.7million, whilst Elizabeth Close has similar sized homes with asking prices of around £1.5million. Hormead Road, on Maida Hill, near Westbourne Park, has terraced homes with similar asking prices.A three-bedroom conversion duplex flat on Clifton Gardens or Sutherland Avenue is likely to reach an asking price of around £1.8 million, whilst a two bedroom garden flat on Randolph Avenue will demand slightly less at £1.6 million. The area also has a number of mansion blocks, such as Lauderdale Mansions on Lauderdale Road, where a three bedroom flat is likely to reach slightly lower asking prices of around £1.2 million.For those looking for two bedrooms, it would be possible to obtain a home in Rodney Court; a mansion block, or a conversion flat in Warrington Crescent for under a million pounds. However, for those on a more normal budget, there are more affordable options. Glasgow House, on Maida Vale, is a high rise block, where a two bedroom flat can be obtained for under £300,000, whilst for £310,000, it would be possible to obtain a three bedroom home in Downfield Close.