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9 Lombardy Close, Gosport, PO13 0ZE

Has a current valuation of £118,000

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A 3 bedroom Mid-Terrace property in Gosport.

We're currently valuating this property at a sale price of £118,000 within a price range of £104,000 and £131,000

This property is currently held under freehold tenureship, and was built between 1976-1982. It has an internal floor area of 42.

Compared to other properties of the same type in PO13, this property is more expensive than most.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How much is 9 Lombardy Close, Gosport worth?

    9 Lombardy Close, Gosport is now worth £118,000 according to our Mouseprice AVM.

    If you would like to book a free agent valuation for 9 Lombardy Close, Gosport - click here to get one with no strings attached. Yopa are experts in the area and we are confident they have what you need.

  2. What is the 3 month price change in PO13?

    The 3 month price change in PO13 is +8.96%.

  3. What is the rental value of 9 Lombardy Close, Gosport?

    The current rental valuation for this property is £ per month, within a price range of £ and £.

  4. How many bedrooms does 9 Lombardy Close, Gosport have?

    This property has 3 bedrooms. Search for nearby properties with 3 bedrooms - for sale and to rent.

  5. What are the nearest schools and stations to 9 Lombardy Close, Gosport?

    Nearby schools in include Grange Junior School, Grange Infant School, Rowner Infant School, Rowner Junior, Peel Common Infant School and Nursery Unit

    Nearby stations in include Fareham Station, Portsmouth Harbour Station, Portchester Station, Portsmouth & Southsea Station, Fratton Station.

  6. What type of property is 9 Lombardy Close, Gosport

    This is a Mid-Terrace property. There are 0 other Mid-Terrace properties on Lombardy Close, and 24 in total.

  7. When was 9 Lombardy Close, Gosport built? How old is 9 Lombardy Close, Gosport?

    9 Lombardy Close, Gosport was was built between 1976-1982.