£75,000 - 6% ), Piele Road, Haydock, St. Helens, WA11
  • 2 Bed Flat

Properties for sale in Haydock WA11

There are 36 properties up for sale on Mouseprice.com in Haydock WA11.

Recently added Haydock WA11 properties
The property sales listing most recently added to Mouseprice.com in the Haydock WA11 area is "Chadwick Road, St Helens, Merseyside, WA...". This is a semi-detached house with 3 bedrooms, which was added to Mouseprice.com on 18 April 2019 and is being marketed for £115,000.

Most Expensive Haydock WA11 property
"Ferny Knoll Road, Rainford, St Helens, M..." is currently the property with the highest asking price in the Haydock WA11 area. It was first listed on 01 Nov 2013 for £895,000. The price was later reduced to £795,000.

Cheapest Haydock WA11 property
Mouseprice’s least expensive property listing in the Haydock WA11 area is currently "Land At Club Street, St Helens, Merseysi...", with a current asking price of £10,000. It was added to Mouseprice on 17 Apr 2019 and the price has not changed since then.

Property in Haydock WA11 with reduced asking prices
The Haydock WA11 area currently contains 17 discounted properties. The largest price reduction was for "Ferny Knoll Road, Rainford, St Helens, M...". It was originally put on to the market for £895,000 and it is now for sale for £795,000. Click here to view all property price reductions.

Haydock WA11 property market data
While the average number of days on the market is 271 for properties in the whole Warrington area, the average for homes in the Haydock WA11 area is 253 days.

Oldest listing in Haydock WA11
"Birchley View, Moss Bank Road, St Helens..." has been on the market on Mouseprice for longer than any of the other listings in the Haydock WA11 area. It has been up for sale since 30 Sep 2012.

Property sold in Haydock WA11

In the past twelve months, 56 detached properties, 226 semi-detached properties, 86 terraced houses and 8 flats sold in the Haydock WA11 area, making a total of 376 properties.

According to Mouseprice information, the most recent transaction in the Haydock WA11 area was for 22 Bodmin Grove. It sold on 26/11/2018 for £105,000.

1 St. Helens Road was the most expensive property sale in the Haydock WA11 area over the last year. It sold for £650,000 on 22/11/2018.

6 Shaw Street sold on 07/03/2018 for £40,000, making it the least expensive property sale in Haydock WA11 over the last year.