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In Green Leach there are currently 3 properties for sale on Mouseprice.

Recently added Green Leach properties
The property sales listing most recently added to in Green Leach is "Slockavullin, Argyll, Lochgilphead, Argy...". This is a bungalow with 3 bedrooms, which was added to on 16/05/2019 and is being marketed for £220,000.

Most Expensive Green Leach property
"Slockavullin, Argyll, Lochgilphead, Argy..." is currently the most expensive property for sale in the Green Leach area, which was first added to the market on 16/05/2019, with an asking price of £220,000. There have been no recorded changes to the asking price since it was added to the market.

Cheapest Green Leach property
The property with the lowest asking price in the Green Leach area at present is "Union Street, Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31...", with a current asking price of £55,000. It was added to Mouseprice on 05/02/2019 and the price has not changed since then.

Property in Green Leach with reduced asking prices

Green Leach property market data
The average number of days that properties in Green Leach are on the market is 52.

Oldest listing in Green Leach
"Union Street, Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31..." has been marketed on the Mouseprice website for longer than any of the other listings in the Green Leach area. It has been marketed on the Mouseprice website since 05/02/2019.

Property sold in Green Leach, Merseyside

In the last twelve months, 6 detached properties, 46 semi-detached properties and 23 terraced houses have sold in Green Leach, Merseyside. There were no flat sales in the area.