Properties to rent in Haydock WA11

There are 4 properties listed to rent on Mouseprice in the Haydock WA11 area.

Recently added Haydock WA11 properties
"Station Road, Haydock, St. Helens, WA11" is the most recently added property for rent on in Haydock WA11. It is a terraced house with 3 bedrooms. It was added to on 19 June 2019.

Most Expensive Haydock WA11 property
"Stone Court, St Helens, WA11" is currently Mouseprice’s most expensive property listing in Haydock WA11, with a current rental price of £820 per month. It was added to Mouseprice on 15 Jun 2019 and there have been no recorded changes to the rental price since then.

Cheapest Haydock WA11 property
Mouseprice’s least expensive property to rent in the Haydock WA11 area at the moment is "Station Road, Haydock, St. Helens, WA11". It came on to the market on 19 Jun 2019 for £500 per month. This price has remained the same.

Property in Haydock WA11 with reduced asking prices

Haydock WA11 property market data
While the average number of days on the market is 761 for properties in the whole Warrington area, the average for homes in Haydock WA11 is 76 days.

Oldest listing in Haydock WA11
"Link Avenue, WA11 9QD" was listed for rent on 01 Sep 2018, making it one of the properties which has been on the market in the Haydock WA11 area for the longest period of time.