Property to rent in Holbeach PE12

Holbeach PE12 currently contains 7 properties to rent on Mouseprice.

Recently added Holbeach PE12 properties
The property listing for rent most recently added to the Mouseprice website in Holbeach PE12 is a 2 bedroom property displayed as "Seagate Terrace, Long Sutton, SPALDING, ...", which was added to the Mouseprice website on 21/03/2019 and is being marketed for £575 per month.

Most Expensive Holbeach PE12 property
The most expensive property to rent in the Holbeach PE12 area at present is "101 Bridge Road, Sutton Bridge, PE12", which was first added to the market on 15/01/2019, with a rental price of £695 per month. This price has remained the same.

Cheapest Holbeach PE12 property
The property with the lowest rental price in Holbeach PE12 at present is "Market Place, Long Sutton, Spalding, PE1...". It came on to the market on 18/01/2019, with an original rental price of £600 per month. The price was later reduced to £500 on 10/03/2019.

Property in Holbeach PE12 with reduced asking prices
There are currently 3 discounted rental properties in the Holbeach PE12 area. If you’re looking for a discounted property in Holbeach PE12, "Market Place, Long Sutton, Spalding, PE1..." may be of interest. Its rental price has recently been reduced from £600 to £500 per month making it the property with the greatest price reduction in Holbeach PE12. Click here to see all the properties to rent in the area which have had their rental price reduced.

Holbeach PE12 property market data
Properties being available for rent in Holbeach PE12 are on the market for an average of 260 days. This is much lower than the average for Peterborough as a whole, which is 697 days.

Oldest listing in Holbeach PE12
"Proctors Close, Fleet Hargate, SPALDING,..." has been on the market for longer than any of the other listings in Holbeach PE12. It has been available to rent on the Mouseprice website since 10/12/2015.