Letting fees

Letting fees information

Rental price displayed on Mouseprice do not include any additional fees which may apply such as (but not limited to):

  • Compulsory charges
  • General administration fees
  • Reference fees (including credit checks, bank, guarantor, previous landlord, etc)
  • Application fees
  • Fees for drawing up tenancy agreements
  • Inventory fees, including check-in and check-out fees
  • Guarantor arrangement/application fees
  • Additional occupant fees
  • Pets disclaimer fees/additional pet deposit
  • Fees that cannot be calculated in advance, for example, because it depends on the consumerís circumstances
  • Any other fees

Fees may be charged on a per property or per tenancy basis. Letting fees still apply even if no rental price is shown.

Other charges may be levied during the tenancy or at the point of tenancy renewal.

Most lettings require a deposit and may require upfront rental payments.