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Street Amount of buildings
Abbey Close 10
Abbey Fields 12
Abbott Crescent 29
Acacia Road 34
Acorn Way 35
Adams Close 4
Adamson Walk 13
Addison Close 15
Alamein Avenue 24
Alburgh Close 42
Althorpe Street 50
Ampthill Road 8
Ampthill Street 2
Arkwright Road 4
1 2 3 4 5 49

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Overview At Mouseprice we perform valuations on all properties in MK42 using the Mouseprice AVM. We also list 186 properties for sale and 51 to rent in MK42.
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Top roads
Most expensive road WARBLER GROVE averaging £554.4k
Least expensive road COLLEGE STREET averaging £75k

Latest sales in MK42

  1. 1. 28 Westwood Close, Shortstown, Bedford £173,750 on Aug 12, 2021
  2. 1. 46 Brackley Road, Bedford £165,000 on Aug 11, 2021
  3. 1. 33 South Drive, Shortstown, Bedford £275,000 on Aug 10, 2021
  4. 1. 25 Melrose Drive, Elstow, Bedford £271,000 on Aug 9, 2021
  5. 1. 1 Evans Croft, Shortstown, Bedford £323,000 on Jul 30, 2021
  6. 1. 73 Rochester Way, Shortstown, Bedford £157,000 on Jul 30, 2021
  7. 1. 21 Ryswick Road, Kempston, Bedford £243,000 on Jul 30, 2021
  8. 1. 207 Harrowden Road, Bedford £252,500 on Jul 28, 2021
  9. 1. 26 Bluewater Quay, Wixams, Bedford £190,000 on Jul 27, 2021
  10. 1. 35 Goodmayes Close, Bedford £290,000 on Jul 22, 2021

Nearby towns to MK42

  1. 0.96km Bedford
  2. 9.89km Olney
  3. 14.25km Milton Keynes

Frequently asked questions about Bedford, MK42

What is the average price in Bedford, MK42?

The average price in Bedford, MK42 is currently £330,032. That's 24% higher than the national average of £250,772. Mouseprice is currently listing 186 properties for sale in Bedford, MK42.

What is the rental price in Bedford, MK42?

The current average rental price in Rayleigh is £845 per month. Mouseprice is currently listing 51 properties to rent in Bedford, MK42.

What are the most expensive streets in Bedford, MK42?

The most expensive roads in Bedford, MK42 are Warbler Grove, Croxden Way, Old Harrowden Road £554.4k, £525k, £500k respectively.

What are the cheapest streets in Bedford, MK42?

The cheapest roads in Rayleigh are College Street, Riddy Walk, Hexham Close £75k, £82.5k, £87.75k respectively.

What schools are there in Bedford, MK42?

Nearby schools in Bedford, MK42 include Cauldwell School, Peter Pan Nursery School, Camestone School, St John's School, Cherry Trees Nursery School

What stations are there in Bedford, MK42?

Nearby stations in Bedford, MK42 include Bedford St Johns Station, Bedford Station, Kempston Hardwick Station, Stewartby Station, Millbrook (Bedfordshire) Station.

How can I get a valuation for my home?

The Mouseprice AVM provides a great estimate of what your home is worth. If you would like an free in-depth agent valuation, click here to book one.

How much does it cost to move home?

Moving home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, but the costs differ for everyone. To determine how much it will cost, get a free conveyancing quote.