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Durham market summary

  • Value
    The average price in Durham is currently £112,472. That's 60.5% lower than the national average of £284,464.
  • Turnover
    The yearly sales turnover in Durham is 11,149 - which is higher than the national average, and represents 2.7% of the local housing stock of 418,970

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Frequently asked questions about Durham

What is the average price in Durham?

The average price in Durham is currently £112,472. That's 153% lower than the national average of £284,464. Mouseprice is currently listing 1363 properties for sale in Durham.

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How can I get a valuation for my home?

The Mouseprice AVM provides a great estimate of what your home is worth. If you would like an free in-depth agent valuation, click here to book one.

How much does it cost to move home?

The cost of moving home in Durham for buyers is on average around £7,124 and Durham sellers can expect to pay local estate agents an average of £1,406. Get a free conveyancing quote.

Are Durham property prices rising or falling, and how have they changed?

The area has seen a nan% price change in the last 1 year (with some variance over the time period), and a nan% change over 5 years.