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Latest sales in Wrexham

  1. 1. Stoneleigh Rockwell Lane, Pant, Oswestry £240,000 on Nov 18, 2022
  2. 2. 6 Berwyn Avenue, Chirk Bank, Wrexham £245,000 on Nov 18, 2022
  3. 3. 3, Eddystone Cottages Aberderfyn Road, Johnstown, Wrexham £97,500 on Nov 18, 2022
  4. 4. 4, Hollyhurst Cottages Hollyhurst, Marbury, Whitchurch £515,000 on Nov 15, 2022
  5. 5. 44 Wilkinson Drive, Bersham, Wrexham £220,000 on Nov 14, 2022

Frequently asked questions about Wrexham

What is the average price in Wrexham?

The average price in Wrexham is currently £0. That's inf% lower than the national average of £273,762. Mouseprice is currently listing 152 properties for sale in Wrexham.

How can I get a valuation for my home?

The Mouseprice AVM provides a great estimate of what your home is worth. If you would like an free in-depth agent valuation, click here to book one.

How much does it cost to move home?

The cost of moving home in Wrexham for buyers is on average around £1,500 and Wrexham sellers can expect to pay local estate agents an average of £0. Get a free conveyancing quote.