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Ilford, IG1 current market prices

The price growth in Ilford is lower than the national average, with the 2 year growth at 0.3 times the national average. Compared to other areas, IG1 is a slightly expensive area, with an average price 5.9% higher than the national average. The average house price in Ilford, IG1 is £397,848 and the average rent is £916.

IG1 Current Averages

Market characteristic IG1 district National IG1 against national
Average price £397,848 £375,859 5.9%
Average rent £1,253 £916 36.8%
Sales per month 39 14 (53,014 Total) +178.6%

IG1 Growth trends

Growth rate IG1 district National
2yr house growth 3.3% 12.7%
2yr CAGR 1.7% 6.2%
Last 12 months house price growth -22.8% 8%

IG1 Average Price by property type

Type Current Average Average 1 year ago Average 2 year ago Historical Average price
All properties £397,848 £515,309 £384,970 £435,078 View houses for sale in IG1
Flats £167,250 £216,043 £235,451 £261,724 View flats for sale in IG1
Detached £0 £668,667 £450,000 £900,000 View detached for sale in IG1
Semi-detached £660,000 £636,111 £609,167 £768,235 View semi-detached for sale in IG1
Terraced £523,375 £430,761 £437,286 £518,761 View terraced for sale in IG1
Bungalows N/A N/A N/A £325,000 View bungalows for sale in IG1

Type Historical Average Price
All properties to rent £1,311 View houses for rent in IG1
Flats for rent £1,121 View flats for rent in IG1
Detached for rent £3,102 View detached for rent in IG1
Semi-detached for rent £1,862 View semi-detached for rent in IG1
Terraced for rent £1,727 View terraced for rent in IG1
Bungalows for rent £1,300 View bungalows for rent in IG1

Current market notes

The data above illustrates the relative proportions different types of property in the IG1 postcode district. It is important to note that as homes are demolished and built these percentages will fluctuate accordingly. National averages are based on the most recent data available from the HM Land Registry© datasets.
Current average price and rent are based on the last month of data available.
The current average price is an average over the past 6 months to avoid inaccuracies caused by low sales numbers.
Sales per month is an average over the past 12 months.
Historical average prices are calculated using all IG1 sales since 1995. The growth trends table shows the change in average house price for the IG1 postcode district over the past 1 and 2 years as well as the averages across all postcode districts.

Please note that end of terrace properties are defined as terrace, as opposed to semi detached.
Flats include the following property types: Ground Flat, Flat, Studio, Ground Maisonette, Maisonette.
Bungalows include the following property types: Bungalow, Terraced Bungalow, Semi-Detached Bungalow, Detached Bungalow.
The 'Other' category includes all properties in categories not mentioned on this page and is included for completeness.

CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate is the year-over-year growth rate of house prices over a specified period of time (in this case five years). This figure gives an indication of the returns that have been seen historically. It can also be seen as a "smoothed" rate of return.