NE8 (Gateshead) area guide

The NE8 postcode district lies within or includes part of the following towns, counties, localities, electoral wards and stations: Bensham, Bridges, Deckham, Dunston, Dunston and Teams, Felling, Gateshead, Lobley Hill and Bensham, Saltwell.
Gateshead is located in the north east of England in the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear. Evidence of settlers in the area dates back to Roman times, and the first recorded mention of the town was in 623. Gateshead was the site of William the Conqueror’s victory over the King of Scotland in 1068.

During Medieval times, Gateshead was mainly forest with some agricultural land. The town gained its first charter in the 12th century due to this forest. Coal mining started in the town in 1334 and the town began to prosper as a result of the trade. By 1574 coal shipments increased eleven-fold and thus the population of Gateshead substantially increased. However, this coal trade ended in 1680 due to severe problems with the coal mines.

In 1747, William Hawks, a blacksmith, started an iron business in Gateshead. This business, Hawks and Co., went on to become one of the biggest iron businesses in the north of England. Soon after, in the 19th century, the town saw great growth due to the Industrial Revolution. In a century the population increased by 100,000 people. The town also profited from the railway line, established in 1831.

Recently, Gateshead has been renovated with many new beautification and regeneration projects.
Gateshead is located on the banks of the River Tyne and NE8 contains about 30,000 people. Over 62 per cent of the properties in NE8 are flats, with detached housing only making up about 3 per cent. The average house prices in NE8 are considerably lower than the national average.

Worsdell Drive is considered one of the most highly residential streets in NE8. The average price for a home on this street is around £130,000, making it about average for the area. Although not ideal for families, as local school are quite far, this street is ideal in its proximity to the Interchange Centre. This centre is located on West Street and provides shopping facilities and other great amenities. Also, there is a supermarket nearby on Ellison Street. Most of the homes here are flats, making this street typical of NE8.

One of the most expensive streets in NE8 is West Park Road where average prices are about £220,000. This street is ideal for families as the street is very close to Kelvin Grove, where the Kelvin Grove Community Primary School is located. The street contains terraced and detached houses.

Kelvin Grove is perfect for young families, as it is one of the least expensive streets in NE8 and it is on the same street as the Kelvin Grove Community Primary School. Homes on this street typically sell for around £60,000. Also, this street is quite convenient, as the Post Office is located just around the corner on Saltwell Road. Kelvin Grove is mainly made up of flats; however, there are different types of houses on the street.
Gateshead features a very convenient and easy to use transport system. Gateshead provides access to the Tyne and Wear Metro. This service has access to Newcastle Central Station, Newcastle International Airport and many other destinations. The metro is also convenient for travel within the town as it provides routes to many places in Gateshead. National Rail services also operate in the town.

The Gateshead Interchange is currently the busiest bus station in Tyne and Wear. The bus system offers routes to many places in the area. The Quaylink bus service services many popular destinations within Gateshead and Newcastle.

The A1 road which links London to Edinburgh runs through Gateshead, making it very well located. Also, the A184 which goes to Sunderland runs through the town.For cyclists, Gateshead is a great place to be due to its many bicycle trails.

NE8 is home to the BALTIC Museum which is a free modern art museum. BALTIC is located on South Shore Road.

Gateshead is also home to the biggest shopping centre in the United Kingdom called the MetroCentre. There are many shops and entertainment stops in this nearby retail centre.

South Shore Road and Church Street both contain many fine restaurants. The area of Newcastle and Gateshead has a pub crawl that is very popular with both locals and visitors alike.