HU5 (Hull) area guide

The HU5 postcode district lies within or includes part of the following towns, counties, localities, electoral wards and stations: Avenue, Boothferry, Bricknell, Cottingham South, Derringham, Hull, Myton, Newland, Tranby, Willerby and Kirk Ella.
The town of Hull was founded when monks of Meaux Abbey decided to develop a new town, in order to make it easier to export their wool. In 1293 the town was acquired by King Edward I from the monks and, in 1299, renamed Kingston on Hull. The port of Hull was used by Edward I in his campaigns against the Scots. The Port eventually became one of the most prosperous in medieval times due its export of wool and import of wine.
Today Hull has around 250,000 inhabitants. Regeneration projects are in the works, including £300 million for Quay West, which is an expansion of Princes Quay Shopping Centre. St. Stephens Shopping Centre has seen a cost of £160 million to be built atop the old bus station. Other developments in Hull include the Humber Quays and various residential developments.

The average home value in the postcode is around £95,600. One of the least expensive street is Leonards Avenue where the average value is £48,600. The most expensive streets have average prices of around £278,000, for example Newland Park, which has a number of impressive detached properties with large gardens. There are many newly developed flats near the regeneration areas; one bedroom luxury flats on Railway Street have asking prices around £120,000.
Hull has 14 secondary schools, 71 primary schools, as well as 6 schools that cater to students with special educational needs. Along with its many schools, Hull has a number of sports and leisure centres including: Costello Athletic Stadium and Ice Rink, Alberto Avenue Pools, Woodford Leisure Centre and Springhead Park Golf Course. Live entertainment can be enjoyed at Hull City Hall and Hull New Theatre. Hull’s Museums Quarter offers a chance to experience local history and culture at the city’s many museums, free of charge.