HA5 (Harrow) area guide

The northern boundary of HA5 spreads as far north as Prestwick Road and Little Oxhey Lane. To the east it follows Oxhey Lane before following Headstone Lane down to Pinner Road and Imperial Drive. The southern boundary follows Village Way, Eastern Avenue, North View and Elm Avenue, before following the direction of Eastcote Road, High Road Eastcote and Cuckoo Hill back up to the top of the postcode district.

The HA5 postcode district lies within or includes part of the following towns, counties, localities, electoral wards and stations: Carpenders Park, Cavendish, Eastcote, Eastcote and East Ruislip, Eastcote Station, Harrow, Harrow Weald, Hatch End, Hatch End Station, Headstone North, Hertfordshire, Hillingdon, Northwood Hills, Pinner, Pinner South, Pinner Station, Rayners Lane, Rayners Lane Station.
Historical records of Pinner date back to medieval times, when Pinner was one of the ten hamlets of the Medieval Harrow Manor. Some of this history is evident in the Tudor buildings located along the high street. Cannon Lane and Rayners Lane still follow the same routes today as they did historically. Pinners medieval economy was based on the feudal farming system, however, by the nineteenth century most people had sold their land to farmers. Some people then chose to become agricultural labourers for these farmers. Some farmers, such as Daniel Hill, provided cottages for their workers. Those built by Daniel Hill were built along Rayners Lane. The population at this time grew quite rapidly and citizens who weren’t farming became servants, or opened new businesses. Pinner Station, which opened in 1842, encouraged the building of several Victorian Villas, which were inhabited by the new commuting, professional class. Over the second half of the nineteenth century, Pinner underwent a change. There was still a lot of agriculture, but the type of farming switched to being predominantly dairy. Dairy required fewer employees than arable farming and residents increasingly sought work in the domestic service.

The area continued to develop, with the opening of a school and the appearance of more homes, particularly following the introduction of the Metropolitan Railway in 1885.
The most desirable area of HA5 is undoubtedly Pinner Hill. Here, on streets such as Park View Road and South View Road, the five or six bedroom properties reach asking prices of around £2 million. Properties in this area are popular, as are those around Hatch End, not only because of their good A-Road connections and the nearby tube, but also their proximity to golf courses, parks and woods.

Family homes nearer the high street, such as those on Moss Lane, also reach high asking prices of over £1 million, whilst houses on a number of streets such as Cuckoo Hill, and Cecil Park have detached period properties with asking prices of up to £1 million. Eastglade and Oakhill Avenue also have substantial detached family homes with similar asking prices, though they tend to be more modern.

More affordable family properties include those semi-detached four, five and six bedroom homes on streets such as Birkdale Avenue, Cannonbury Avenue and Village Way.

Those in search of a detached property could find an affordable family home on St Thomas Drive or Elm Park Road for little over half a million pounds. The residential streets around Pinner are dominated with both detached (28.3 per cent) and semi-detached homes (36 per cent). However, there are also a number of flats.

The purpose built blocks in Jubilee Close and James Bedford Close offer good value for money with a number of three bedroom flats for less than £250,000. Those in search of a period conversion may choose to pay more for a home in Eastcote Road or Uxbridge Road.
Open green spaces in the area include Little Common on Elm Park Road, Pinner Memorial Park on Chapel Lane, Warrender Park and Pinner Village Gardens. Some golf courses can be found in the area, such as Pinner Hill Golf Club, which is located on Southview Road, just off Pinner Hill and Grims Dyke Golf Club on Oxhey Lane, Hatch End.

Public transport in the area is good, with a number of underground stations including Pinner Tube on Station Approach, which operates on the Metropolitan line in zone 5. Other nearby underground stations are Rayners Lane tube, just off Rayners Lane and Eastcote tube station on Field End Road, which both run on the Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines and are located in zone 5. For the over ground, Hatch End Railway Station can be found on Station Approach, just off Uxbridge Road. Another nearby station is Northwood Hills station, which can be found in postcode district HA6. There are also a number of bus routes that serve the area.

Shopping facilities can be found on Bridge Street, which has a number of popular high street stores. Other shopping opportunities can be found on High Street and Marsh Road, where many of the area’s restaurants and cafés can be found.

Harrow Arts Centre, located on Uxbridge Road, offers a range of entertainment, workshops and exhibitions, which change throughout the year. Public services such as Pinner Library and the Pinn Medical Centre, can be found on Marsh Road.