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Membership Agreement
Be A Good Member. At MousePrice, we believe that good behaviour is the foundation of a mutually beneficial network. Our Member Guidelines outline our expectations regarding appropriate use of MousePrice. Do not provide us with any Content that you don’t have the right to publish, or that is defamatory, infringing, illegal or otherwise wrongful. We do not proactively screen or monitor Content posted by members; however, we can remove Content posted by you, suspend, delete or deactivate your account or other privileges, or otherwise refuse service to you, if you violate this agreement or our other policies, or infringe intellectual property, or otherwise engage in behaviour that we think harms MousePrice’ members.

Interacting with Other Members. Our Member Guidelines outline our expectations regarding appropriate use of MousePrice, including how members interact with each other. While we hope other members will be gracious, we don’t control and aren’t responsible for their actions; we encourage you to do your own research before deciding to do business with another member. In using MousePrice and its member-to-member transactional features, you, like every member, are acting on your own behalf and are responsible for your own decisions and actions, including posting Content and interactions with other members you meet through MousePrice. If you write a recommendation or other comment about another individual or a business (for example, a recommendation of a builder), be truthful, fair and gracious in your comments, and do not post any of their personal information (e.g., address, mobile number, or photos) without their permission.

MousePrice does not interview, run background checks on, monitor, supervise, or control MousePrice members, and your use of any MousePrice’ feature does not make us an employer, placement agency, representative, or agent of or for you or any other member or business. If you and another member decide to work together, the two of you, and not MousePrice, are responsible for complying with any laws that might apply, such as tax or employment laws. MousePrice is not a party to transactions or disputes between members.

Feedback. Please feel free to share any feedback, suggestions, or ideas you have about MousePrice with us, so long as you understand we may have already had the same idea, and you agree that we are free to use any feedback you voluntarily provide with no restriction or obligation (payment or otherwise) to you.

Text Messaging Alerts.  If you use our text messaging service, note that text message alerts are not intended to replace any primary phone service. MousePrice does not charge for sending text messages, but your mobile provider may charge you. Alerts sent via SMS may not be delivered if your phone is not in range of a transmission site, or if sufficient network capacity is not available at a particular time; furthermore, within a coverage area, factors beyond the control of the user’s mobile provider may interfere with message delivery, including equipment, terrain, proximity to buildings, foliage, and weather. You acknowledge that urgent alerts may not be timely received and that your mobile provider does not guarantee that alerts will be delivered. Copyright.  If you believe Content on MousePrice infringes your copyright, you should contact us.

Parental Controls.  Parental control protections (such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services) may assist you in limiting access to material that is harmful to or inappropriate for minors. You can find more information about parental controls by reviewing the system preferences, settings, and help documentation for your computer or mobile device.

Restrictions from Our Licensors.  Some of the information and services available through MousePrice are licensed from third parties and covered by third-party terms and disclosures. You may not directly or indirectly sell, distribute, reverse engineer, or sublicense any such information or service.

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