The psychology of selling – how the senses can help you sell your home

Selling your home is about so much more than giving it a tidy and making it look pretty. To get the price you want, you need your viewers to feel that this home could be theirs. After all, wasn’t that gut feeling the same reason you bought this property in the first place?

Seven of the most iconic houses from TV and film

Don’t we all dream in living in Marty McFly’s humble family home, or Tony Montana’s exotic mansion? Lucky for us, these homes are real, but we can’t promise they’ll be priced within your budget. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic homes from the big and small screen, and what they’re worth.

Where are the best locations in the UK for first time buyers?

When it comes to buying your first house, location is everything. You’ll want to ensure you pick the right area for you and your budget; whether you’re climbing the career ladder, looking to raise a family or simply wanting to settle down. Choosing the area to make your home in is an essential part of the buying process.

We have compiled a list of some of the best areas to live in within each region of the UK to help make your house hunting just that little bit easier.

New property tax for Scotland comes into effect

A new tax has come into force changing the way Scottish home buyers pay duty on property.

The Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) came into force yesterday (Wednesday April 1). It is the first tax introduced by a Scottish Parliament in more than 300 years notes Replacing the UK stamp duty it will change the way people pay duty on house purchases.

What kind of home can I expect to get for my money?

For first time buyers especially, it can be difficult to work out exactly what size and quality of property you should expect for the money that you are able to spend; will your £240,000 mortgage get you a detached 3 bedroom house in a pleasant suburb of London, or a bungalow in Shrewsbury?

On this page, we’ll use our large selection of property data to try to illustrate what you should expect from a particular price range, focussing on the following five amounts: ‘£150,000’, ‘£250,000’, ‘£350,000’, ‘£500,000’ and ‘£1,000,000’; across a spectrum of 3 different urban areas, London (safe to say one of the more expensive areas in the UK), Portsmouth (a middle of the range location, featuring some higher and lower priced areas) and Sunderland (a comparatively lower priced area).

New “Help to Buy: ISA” Announced in Budget


The Government will contribute up to £3,000 tax free to first time buyers in a new “Help to Buy: ISA”.  The state will contribute £50 for every £200 saved.

The maximum initial deposit is £1,000, topped up with £250 be the government. Subsequent monthly deposits up to £200 will have £50 added by the chancellor. There is no minimum monthly deposit.
The bonus will be calculated and paid when you buy your first home so it looks like there will be not interest earned on the governments contributions. The minimum bonus payout by the government will be £400 – so unless you need to pay in at least £1,600 to receive any top up bonus from the state.

The UK’s most romantic road names and places

The UK is a wonderful place with a rich history that defined the county, cities, towns and street names. Along the way, romance may have played it’s part in some of these and today there are a wide variety of places that have a connection to the heart in one way or another.

Kissing Tree Lane – Stratford Upon Avon

Kissing Tree Lane - Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford-Upon-Avon is largely well known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare, who famously wrote romantic plays such as Romeo and Juliet. This lovely road name is situated just a ten minute drive from his birthplace and is neatly hidden away in a peaceful area near the River Avon.

The Help to Buy Scheme: What is it?

Whether you’re looking to get a foot on the property ladder or wanting to up-size, the deposit you need to pay can seem, at times, unattainable. To help make this step easier for first time buyers or home movers, the government introduced a scheme called ‘Help to buy’.

To many, this scheme may seem confusing as there are two separate parts both operating under the same name: the Help to Buy Equity Loan and the Help to Buy Mortgage Guarantee.

The first of these two phases, the equity loan, is only available to first time buyers or individuals looking to upsize to newly built houses. Borrowers only need to raise a 5% deposit and borrow another 20% from the government. This loan is 5 years interest free so in the meantime, all you need to think about is paying the final 75% with typical mortgage repayments.

How to buy a house: A simple guide

Buying a house is no small feat, but while it does require a lot of careful thought and assessment, the process involved doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ve done our best to simply describe the steps you need to take below, along with some of the most important points to keep in mind while completing each.

It’s all go for Mouseprice Pro!

It’s something that has been on the ‘to-do’ list here at Mouseprice for a little while, but finally we have re-branded Calnea Pro to Mouseprice Pro.

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