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What if the data is incorrect?

Although our data is taken from authoritative sources, discrepancies can sometimes occur. To improve the quality of our data, you can edit details on the specific property page, including the number of bedrooms the property has, its internal area and the type of property it is. You must be logged in to make these changes. Once you are logged in, and you are on the individual property page in question, simply click on ‘give feedback’ and this will allow you to put forward your amendments.

Land Registry provides us with information on historical property transaction prices, dates and property type. Land Registry do not provide information on other property characteristic information. If there is an error with Land Registry data, unfortunately we are not authorised to make any alterations. Land Registry obtain their records from the various forms completed with the sale of each residential property in England & Wales. Land Registry employ extensive error checking procedures, however, with ~100k records handled monthly there is a small possibility of human error. If you think that any of their information is incorrect, please click here to notify Land Registry. Please note that Land Registry remains the copyright holder and licensor of the entire dataset – we cannot make alterations to the data unless directed by the government agency directly.

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