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What can Mouseprice do for me?

Mouseprice can help get more viewings for your home. If you’re selling up or renting out and your home isn’t listed on Mouseprice, ask your agent to contact us to make sure it is. Mouseprice is used by thousands of people every day – the more offers you get on your property, the higher the price you’re likely to receive. And adding your property to Mouseprice won’t cost you or your estate agent anything at all.

Help build a positive picture of your area. Our local area guides are there to help new residents find their way around and to showcase an area to people who are thinking of moving there. Again, you and your agent can contribute to this. And of course, it’s free!

Free monthly updates specific to your area. Whether you’re thinking of moving or just keeping an eye on the market, we’ll email you to tell you about properties recently sold, properties coming on the market, properties which have seen discounts to their asking prices and much more. All for free!

And of course – free valuations – to help you track what your home is worth.

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