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What are usage limits and how are they set?

Accounts have usage limits in place to reduce the chances of individuals or companies abusing the service (e.g. multiple users or those involved in data scraping). We have worked hard to ensure that these limits are both fair and large enough to meet the needs of a normal individual Pro user.

NB: The reason why the Fly-by search limit is capped at 20 is as a result of the licensing costs from our external suppliers.

The usage limits (per month) are as follows:

Basic (free) account:

  • Views: 40
  • Searches: 80
  • Fly-by searches: 1
  • Assisted valuation reports: 1

Pro account:

  • Views: 350
  • Searches: 450
  • Fly-by searches: 15
  • Assisted valuation reports: 20

NB: The usage limits are re-set on the 1st of each month.

In the interests of transparency, below is a set of definitions for each of the above usage terms.

Views – The definition of what constitutes a View include:

  • Clicking on an individual property page.
  • Clicking on a historic listings page.
  • On the Fly- by search- whenever a user clicks on an individual building outline AND clicks on the blue hyperlink in the left hand side of the page.

Searches – The definition of what constitutes a Search include:

  • Typing in an address or partial address into a search box and clicking on ‘Search.’
  • Any instance where a search filter is selected (each individual filter selection counts as one search).
  • Any subsequent search results page that is clicked on by a user after an initial search using an address or partial address is carried out.

As a result of these three definitions and in the interests of fairness, we have set the search limit at a high level.

Fly-by searches– The definition of what constitutes a Fly-by is:

  • Every time a user enters the address details of a property in the Fly-by search and clicks ‘Search.’

Assisted valuation reports – The definition of what constitutes an Assisted valuation report is:

  • Whenever a user goes through the whole process of selecting comparables and clicks on ‘Generate report’ in the Assisted valuation section, this counts as one report.




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