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How can I get the best quality image when uploading my company logo for Pro reports?

When uploading your company logo, we recommend that you use either a JPEG, PNG or GIF file. All images are scaled down to meet our dimension size requirements of 400 (wide) x 55 (long). To ensure your image isn’t stretched,…

What if I get an unlikely valuation result?

There are a variety of reasons why the valuation estimate might not meet your expectations: >Firstly, the accuracy of the automated valuation model is limited by the inputs provided. If the inputs are incorrect the outputs will be adversely affected. >Secondly,…

I need a receipt for VAT purposes. How can I get this?

When you receive your report it will arrive as a PDF file attached to a confirmation e-mail. This confirmation email is your receipt.

What if I can’t open the report?

To open the report you need to have Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer. Adobe® Reader® is free software for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. It is most likely that you have this installed on your…

How long should it take to receive the report?

Your report should appear in your inbox within a few minutes of purchase. If you do not receive your report within 1 hour please contact us and we will try to identify the problem. Please make sure you have checked…

What if the wrong report arrives?

Our systems are automatic, so you will be sent results for the address you provided. If, however, you do experience a problem please don’t hesitate to contact us. and we will aim to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

What if I encounter a problem while purchasing?

If you encounter a problem after submitting your credit card details, assume the transaction has been successfully completed. If you do not receive your report within 1 hour, contact us and we will be able to tell you if you…

What if my report does not arrive?

If you do not receive your report, the first place to check is your junk mail folder. Often mail from an unknown sender will automatically be redirected here. If you still can’t find the report – please contact us.

I do not want to disclose my e-mail address. Is their any other way I can receive the report?

Payment for the report must be made electronically, and the report must be emailed. We do not offer reports as hard copies. However, we promise not to pass on your details to anyone else, so you won’t get any spam…

Is it possible to buy detailed valuation reports over the phone?

Reports can only be sold as PDF files via our website using a credit or debit card. We do not take orders over the telephone.

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