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Property developers

Our products are used by a range of different organisations, from government institutions, to mortgage lenders, through to surveyors, and a host of other property professionals. For property developers, recommend the Mouseprice Pro

The Mouseprice Pro database provides property developers with access to the full extent of our property information. With 90 million property images, 20 million sold price records, 18 million historic estate agency listings, 2 million surveyor records, 2 million energy performance certificates and 3 million floor plans – this gives us one of the largest property databases in the UK. Developers will have access to 6 tools:

  • Individual property search – This tool enables you to search the Calnea property database for information on an individual property.
  • Comps search (list) – The Comps search (list) allows you to explore the full range of our property database to identify the best comparables.
  • Comps search (photo) – This tool is very similar to the Comps search (list view). The key difference is that the search results list will include photo thumbnails, historic listings history (where available) and other additional property data which is not displayed in the list view search option.
  • Comps search rental – Search through the breadth of our lettings data to identify rental comparables for your target area. You can shortlist your results, have them emailed over to you or use them to produce an Assisted valuation report.
  • Fly-by search – The Fly-by search is a unique tool for you to access property data via building outlines overlaid onto aerial imagery. You can also explore your target area with the option of overlaid heat mapping for: average prices, crime and £ per sqm.
  • Assisted valuation – The Assisted valuation tool enables you to produce a bespoke PDF valuation report, by allowing you to: choose the comparables which determine the valuation, include your company logo in the report, change the colour scheme, and add your own personalised comments.

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