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What kind of home can I expect to get for my money?

For first time buyers especially, it can be difficult to work out exactly what size and quality of property you should expect for the money that you are able to spend; will your £240,000 mortgage get you a detached 3…

The UK’s most romantic road names and places

The UK is a wonderful place with a rich history that defined the county, cities, towns and street names. Along the way, romance may have played it’s part in some of these and today there are a wide variety of places…

The Help to Buy Scheme: What is it?

Whether you’re looking to get a foot on the property ladder or wanting to up-size, the deposit you need to pay can seem, at times, unattainable. To help make this step easier for first time buyers or home movers, the…

How to buy a house: A simple guide

Buying a house is no small feat, but while it does require a lot of careful thought and assessment, the process involved doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ve done our best to simply describe the steps you need to take…

It’s all go for Mouseprice Pro!

It’s something that has been on the ‘to-do’ list here at Mouseprice for a little while, but finally we have re-branded Calnea Pro to Mouseprice Pro.

Pricey Pint Sized Properties

We take a look at some of the most expensive pied-á-terre’s currently advertised on Mouseprice* and suprise surprise they are all in London – though some locations may surprise you. SOURCE: Mouseprice

Should they stay or should they go? We take a look at an independent Scotland’s housing market

SOURCE: Authors own It’s the final countdown with one week to go until the big question is asked – will Scotland stay or will they go? We’ve seen heated exchanges between Darling and Salmond on how Scotland’s income will be… moves to Open Street Map leveraging 3D community mapping moves to Open Street Map leveraging 3D community mapping