CM1 (Chelmsford) area guide

The CM1 postcode district lies within or includes part of the following towns, counties, localities, electoral wards and stations: Barnston and High Easter, Broomfield, Broomfield and The Walthams, Chelmer Village and Beaulieu Park, Chelmsford, Chelmsford Rural West, Chignal Smealey, Chignal St James, Cooksmill Green, Edney Common, Essex, Good Easter, High Easter, High Ongar, Willingale and The Rodings, Highwood, Marconi, Mashbury, Moulsham and Central, Newney Green, Patching Hall, Roxwell, Springfield, Springfield North, St Andrews, The Lawns, The Rodings, Trinity, Waterhouse Farm, Writtle.
Settlements in the area of Chelmsford have gone back to the Bronze Age. The Romans established a fort in 60 AD and a town was established around it. Chelmsford became the county town of Essex, a title which it held until recently.

During the peasant revolt of 1381, the town had a major involvement in the movement, causing King Richard II to visit the town and have the leaders executed. In 1889 the inventor of the radio, Guglielmo Marconi opened the world’s first wireless factory called The Marconi Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company in Chelmsford.
Today the population of the borough is over 157,000. Chelmsford has emerged as the focus for culture, business, and government in Essex.

The average house value for postcode CM1 is around £250,000. One of the least expensive streets is Nicholas Court; here the average property value is around £85,400, as about half of the property stock has been turned into flats. One of the more expensive streets in the postcode is Edney Wood where the relatively new houses have an average value of £964,000. Terraced homes on West Avenue, as well as Anderson Avenue and Ockelford Avenue generally have 3 bedrooms and are valued at around £150,000.
The Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre offers ice skating, swimming, gym equipment and children’s activities. The Chelmsford and Cramphorn Theatres are located in Chelmsford’s West End and provide a variety of entertainment from plays and concerts to comedy shows.

There is a lot of green open space in Chelmsford, with 1,507 acres of parks to enjoy. 5 of these parks have received Green Flag status.

For a night out on Duke Street, there is The Fleece, The Original Plough, and The Duke’s Experience Club. Alternatively, Rainsford Road offers Zeus Night Club and The Black Bull Pub.